Dr Dimitrios Mavrelos

Consultant in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine

University College London Hospital


Subspecialist Accreditation in Reproductive Medicine
London Deanery, RCOG
MD (Res)
King's College London
Guy's King's St Thomas' School of Medicine
BA Physiological Sciences
University of Oxford

Current Post

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine

Personal Statement

I am passionate about the delivery of high quality, efficient care that is based on latest evidence and pays attention to patient experience. I believe that it is our duty as doctors to give our patients the best outcome possible which is the primary driver for my long standing commitment to applied clinical research.

Clinical Experience

Employer Grade Role
UCL / UCLH Academic Clinical Lecturer / Subspecialist Trainee Senior registrar in O&G
Subspecialist training
Royal London Hospital Specialist Trainee 6 Senior registrar in O&G
ATSM in Reproductive Medicine
Queen's University Hospital London Specialist Trainee 5 High risk obstetrics
(Mr Howard)
Queen's University Hospital London Specialist Trainee 4 Labour ward management / Benign Gynaecological Surgery (Miss Tebbutt)
Whipps Cross University Hospital London Specialist Trainee 3 Labour ward / Reproductive Medicine (Mr Kalshaker)
UCLH Research Fellow Early Pregnancy / Gynae Ultrasound (Mr Jurkovic)
King's College Hospital London Research Fellow Early Pregnancy / Gynae Ultrasound (Mr Jurkovic)
King's College Hospital London Senior House Officer Basic O&G skills
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich Senior House Officer Basic O&G skills

Clinical Skills

During subspecialist training at UCLH I had the opportunity to work with and learn from international experts in the field of reproductive medicine. Beyond the subspecialist curriculum I gained experience in fertility preservation for cancer patients as well as the management of fertility aspects of complex medical disorders. Training at UCLH has helped me develop advanced surgical skills in laparoscopy and hysteroscopy performing several such operations independently during my locum appointment. As a locum consultant I worked with my colleagues to expand services within the reproductive medicine unit and helped increase surgical activity within the gynaecology department.

I have extensive experience in gynaecological and early pregnancy ultrasound with several publications and book chapters in the field. This background has enabled me to assume primary responsibility for ultrasound service provision in the Reproductive Medicine Unit where we strive to provide patients excellent diagnostic care. My scanning skill extends to my other roles as a consultant in acute gynaecology and in training of junior doctors. Apart from providing direct clinical care I have been active in training and supervision of the 4 research and clinical fellows in the unit. I am certified as educational supervisor.

Academic Experience - Research

Throughout my career I have focused on the academic aspect of the specialty. I have initiated, developed and followed through to publication several projects. Some of the publications have had significant impact, becoming part of national guidance.

During my lectureship I started an innovative project to identify non – invasive biomarkers of endometriosis which supported a successful PhD candidate. I am local principal investigator for PRE – EMT, a national trial for the post - operative management of endometriosis.

I have contributed to 28 peer reviewed publications including 11 first author papers and 5 book chapters. I regularly present at National and International conferences.

Academic Experience - Teaching

As a clinical lecturer and then as consultant I have regularly taught medical students in large groups and in tutorial format. I teach on two reproductive medicine MSc courses and have supervised a successful student dissertation. I am personal tutor for 4 fourth year medical students.

I participate in postgraduate teaching both at the Royal College, where I regularly teach early pregnancy and intermediate gynaecological ultrasound and in the Deanery, where I teach on the laparoscopic surgery course.

I facilitate the London Deanery hands-on laparoscopic and hysteroscopic course held at UCLH every year.

Publications - Peer reviewed articles

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Publications - Book Chapters

  • Mavrelos D Saridogan E (in press) Indications for Hysteroscopy in Clark J and Connor (eds) Diagnostic & Operative Hysteroscopy
  • Mavrelos D Jurkovic D (in press) Non tubal ectopic pregnancy. in Kirk E (ed) Early Pregnancy Ultrasound: A Practical Guide
  • Mavrelos D Jurkovic D (2017) Non – tubal ectopic pregnancy. Farquharson RG and Stepehnson MD in Early Pregnancy (eds.) Early Pregnacy: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Mavrelos D Saridogan E (2014) Endometriosis: Surgical Approaches to stages I and II. in Ledger B and Sclaff (eds.) Chronic Pelvic Pain Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Mavrelos D Jurkovic D (2010) Ultrasound Detection of Congenital Uterine Anomalies in Farquharson RG and Stepehenson MD (eds.) Early Pregnacy: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Selected Presentations & Posters

Expectant Management of Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy RCOG Global conference, Birmingham 2016
Treatment of Endometriosis in Women Desiring Fertility RCOG Global conference, Birmingham 2016
Impact of Adenomyosis on IVF – ET
Best free communication in category
International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology World Congress, Rome 2016
Endometrial Pathology Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health, Leeds 2016
Treatment of endometriosis in women desiring fertility British Society of Gynaeocological Endoscopy, Cornwall 2016
Ultrasound detection of pelvic adhesions European Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy, Budapest 2015
Pelvic adhesions on ultrasound
Best free communication in category
International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology World Congress, Montreal 2015
Adnexal Masses in Pregnancy British Society of Gynaecological Imaging, London 2015
Adnexal Masses in Pregnancy 15th Annual World Congress Fetal Medicine Foundation, Heraclion, Crete 2015
Expectant Management of Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy
Third Prize for Scientific Abstract
Institute for Women’s Health Annual Meeting, London 2013
The value of GnRHa before transcervical resection of fibroid
Second Prize for Oral Presentation, Herbert Reiss Prize
Royal Society of Medicine, London 2011

Management and Leadership Skills

As part of leadership training I initiated a quality improvement project to develop of a one – stop fertility assessment service. I cooperated with hospital management to develop, cost and initiate the service as a pilot and then as a regular clinic. Within the last 6 months we have seen over 130 couples to acclaim from patients and colleagues streamlining clinical service and improving patient experience.

During my time as consultant in the reproductive medicine unit at UCLH I have actively participated in and contributed to plans to increase the unit’s activity. Through our collective effort we have been successful in meeting our current targets.

I currently have primary responsibility for overall scheduling in the unit which includes coordinating with the unit’s management to allocate staff to clinics and ensure the most efficient use of resources in terms of personnel, space and equipment.

I manage the schedule of 4 research fellows to ensure their educational needs are met and balanced with the needs for service provision. I have participated in interviews for the appointment of new staff. Our unit enjoys high reputation amongst trainees as a friendly and educationally excellent clinic and we have good staff retention.

Selected Courses

Course Date
Clinical education / Supervision, Brighton 2016
Good Clinical Practice for clinical Research 2016
Surgical Expert Forum in Gynaecology, Hamburg 2015
UCLP Leadership Development Programme UCL, London 2014 – 15
Essential Epidemiology in Reproductive Health, Aberdeen 2014

Other Skills & Interests

My mother tongue is Greek, I am fluent in English, French and Spanish. I have basic knowledge of German.

I am director and secretary of a limited company that owns and manages the residential block I live in. I participate in drafting the budget, monitoring its execution and commissioning common parts repair work.

I am a qualified motor and sailing yacht skipper and regularly charter yachts in the summer.

I am a keen sportsman. In 2015 I completed a London to Paris cycling tour in aid of Endometriosis UK and in 2016 I completed a Geneva to Nice cycling tour in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. I raised more than 4000 pounds in total. I am proficient in snowboarding.

I enjoy fiction and non – fiction literature.